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Top Stories

Attorney Michael Avenatti faces November trial in New York  » 
18 Jun 2019, 21:35

Attorney Michael Avenatti faces November trial in New YorkCalifornia attorney Michael Avenatti learned Tuesday that he faces a November trial date on charges he tried to extort millions of dollars from Nike. The Nov. 12 trial date was set by U.S. District Judge Paul G. Gardephe at a pretrial hearing in Manhattan. Avenatti participated by telephone.

Police: Arizona man beheads roommate's dog as she moves out  » 
18 Jun 2019, 21:05

Police: Arizona man beheads roommate's dog as she moves outAn Arizona man has been arrested on suspicion of mutilating and beheading his roommate's dog as she moved out of the home that the two shared in a Phoenix suburb. Jose Vega Meza, 21, told investigators that he killed the dog on Saturday because his roommate owed rent money to his mother, who owns the home in the city of Buckeye, police said. The man's roommate told police she lost track of her dog as she moved out her belongings and saw Vega Meza trying to sneak a box onto her truck.

The Latest: Indiana AG's office plans vigorous defense  » 
18 Jun 2019, 19:54

The Latest: Indiana AG's office plans vigorous defenseThe Indiana attorney general's office says it will vigorously defend him against a federal lawsuit by four women who say he drunkenly groped them during a party last year. The lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges sexual harassment by Republican state Attorney General Curtis Hill on a state lawmaker and three legislative staffers in March 2018 at an Indianapolis bar. Hill has denied wrongdoing and rebuffed calls from Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb to resign.

NASA says there’s ‘no doubt’ SpaceX Crew Dragon explosion has pushed back crewed flights  » 
18 Jun 2019, 18:48

NASA says there’s ‘no doubt’ SpaceX Crew Dragon explosion has pushed back crewed flightsNASA desperately needs a way to get its astronauts into space without paying for pricey seats aboard Russian rockets, but the agency's two best hopes -- SpaceX and Boeing -- are stumbling a bit at the finish line. Boeing's Starliner has been plagued by delays nearly from the start, and SpaceX is now dealing with its own list of problems.In remarks to reporters at the Paris Airshow, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine admitted that the recent destruction of a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule during static testing is a major setback for NASA's crewed flight schedule. The race to be the first to deliver a suitable solution for NASA's needs now appears to be anyone's game."There is no doubt the schedule will change," Bridenstine reportedly said during his brief talk. "It won't be what was originally planned."Back in late April, something went seriously wrong during a static test of Crew Dragon's thrusters. The thrusters being tested were those that would spring into action if a launch had to be aborted after it had already lifted off. They're designed to push the crew capsule away from the rest of the launch vehicle, keeping the crew safe.Unfortunately, a glitch that so far has been described only as "an anomaly" occurred and the entire Crew Dragon capsule was destroyed in a fiery explosion. Details regarding exactly what went wrong have been scant, but both NASA and SpaceX are still conducting their investigations into the matter.Up until that point, SpaceX was clearly beating competitor Boeing in the race to finish a crew-capable NASA spacecraft. However, an explosion can be a pretty big setback, and now it's unclear when SpaceX will be able to resume its testing and get back on track. In the meantime, NASA will just have to wait.

Photos of the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Coupe  » 
18 Jun 2019, 18:00

Photos of the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Coupe

Reynolds Wrap will pay someone $5,000 a week to travel across America eating ribs  » 
18 Jun 2019, 17:34

Reynolds Wrap will pay someone $5,000 a week to travel across America eating ribsGrill masters and backyard barbecue bosses, listen up

Read the full statement from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan about a 2010 domestic case  » 
18 Jun 2019, 17:07

Read the full statement from acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan about a 2010 domestic caseActing Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan's full statement on a domestic violence case

Do Trump's Polls Matter?  » 
18 Jun 2019, 16:29

Do Trump's Polls Matter?This evening President Donald Trump will officially launch his reelection campaign at a rally in Orlando, Florida. The campaign’s first hiccup occurred before it even began, when a leak (a ubiquitous problem for this administration) over the weekend of internal poll numbers has dampened enthusiasm from supporters.From March 15 to March 28, the nascent campaign conducted polling in seventeen states using multiple possible Democratic nominees, according to ABC News. Not every state poll was leaked, and all of the polls show President Trump facing former Vice President Joe Biden, who’s been the frontrunner since his announcement in late April.The Trump campaign’s polling shows Biden beating the incumbent by double digits in crucial states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The numbers show Biden leading Trump by seven points in Florida, the state where the president has spent the most time outside the beltway since his inauguration. In Texas, a requirement for any Republican victory in the Electoral College, Trump beats Biden by only two points.

Could GM Bring Hummer Back as an Electric SUV Brand?  » 
18 Jun 2019, 15:48

Could GM Bring Hummer Back as an Electric SUV Brand?Reports are swirling about the revival of the military-inspired SUVs.

CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-Boeing 737 MAX boosted by IAG plan to order 200 jets  » 
18 Jun 2019, 15:07

CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-Boeing 737 MAX boosted by IAG plan to order 200 jetsBoeing's grounded 737 MAX jet received a boost on Tuesday after British Airways-owner IAG signed a letter of intent to order 200 of the planes and said it was confident that it would return to service in the coming months. Boeing said the deal had a value of more than $24 billion at list prices. IAG said the mix of 737-8 and 737-10 aircraft, to be delivered between 2023 and 2027, would be powered by CFM Leap engines and used across a number of its airlines including British Airways, Vueling and Level.

China earthquake kills 13, injures 199  » 
18 Jun 2019, 14:49

China earthquake kills 13, injures 199The toll from a strong 6.0-magnitude earthquake in southwest China rose to 13 dead and 199 injured on Tuesday as rescuers pulled bodies and survivors from wrecked buildings. More than 8,000 people were relocated as a large number of structures were damaged or collapsed after the quake struck late Monday near Yibin, in Sichuan province, according to the city government. Other images were of a woman being helped out of another collapsed structure.

How U.S. Allies in the Middle East are Responding to Rising Tensions with Iran  » 
18 Jun 2019, 14:24

How U.S. Allies in the Middle East are Responding to Rising Tensions with IranThe impact of escalation is likely to be most acute in the Gulf region

White House will not invite Israeli officials to Bahrain event on grand Middle East plan  » 
18 Jun 2019, 14:17

White House will not invite Israeli officials to Bahrain event on grand Middle East planThe White House will not invite Israeli government officials to a Bahrain conference devoted to gaining support for a Palestinian economic plan in order to keep the event apolitical, a senior administration official said on Monday. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Palestinian business representatives are expected to attend the event in Manama on June 25-26, but not Palestinian government officials, who have boycotted a peace initiative led by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner. As a result, the administration decided not to extend an invitation to Israeli government officials to a conference expected to be attended by envoys from Arab governments as well as European nations. "We’re inviting the Israeli business people and Palestinian business people. We'd like to make it as apolitical as possible," the official said. When the Bahrain conference was announced last month, US officials initially suggested privately that Israeli government attendance in Bahrain would be an opportunity for Israel and some of its Gulf Arab neighbors to display in public the behind-the-scenes contacts that have grown in recent years, especially on security matters over their common enemy Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, met with Jared Kushner in Jerusalem in May   Credit: Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Jerusalem After the White House announced last week that Egypt and Jordan had agreed to attend, some Israeli diplomats said Israeli government officials were also likely to attend. But no formal invitation materialised. In Manama, Mr Kushner and President Donald Trump's Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt are to unveil the economic part of Mr Trump's long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. The plan, touted by Mr Trump as the "deal of the century," is to encourage investment in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by Arab donor countries before grappling with thorny political issues at the heart of the conflict. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has heaped scorn on the conference and urged Arab governments not to attend.

Democrat Bullock seizes spotlight after getting left out of presidential debate  » 
18 Jun 2019, 14:00

Democrat Bullock seizes spotlight after getting left out of presidential debateMontana Governor Steve Bullock is making a flurry of appearances on television and the campaign trail after getting locked out of next week's Democratic Party presidential debate, a move aimed at turning the bad news into a boost for his candidacy. While 20 of his rivals meet over two nights on the debate stage in Florida, Bullock will be in Iowa and New Hampshire - the first states to have presidential nominating contests - holding televised town halls. A new ad being released on Tuesday and seen by Reuters complains that Bullock was "ousted" from the debate and urges supporters to donate to his campaign.

Harvard Rescinds Acceptance of Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Over Past Racist Comments  » 
18 Jun 2019, 13:23

Harvard Rescinds Acceptance of Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor Over Past Racist CommentsHarvard University has rescinded the acceptance for a Parkland shooting survivor and pro-gun advocate after racist messages he sent in high school resurfaced last month.

What to know about Iran's uranium enrichment program  » 
18 Jun 2019, 13:17

What to know about Iran's uranium enrichment programIran has announced it was 10 days away from breaking their uranium stockpile limit. What does this mean for the Iran Deal?

Far-right UK student jailed over Prince Harry online posts  » 
18 Jun 2019, 11:46

Far-right UK student jailed over Prince Harry online postsA far-right university student who called Prince Harry a race traitor and created an image of him with a pistol to his head was on Tuesday jailed in Britain for more than four years. Michal Szewczuk, 19, posted the image, which also featured a blood-splattered swastika, on microblogging platform Gab in August last year, months after the prince married mixed-race actress Meghan Markle. Szewczuk, who was jailed for four years and three months, pleaded guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five counts of possession of terrorist material, including the White Resistance Manual and an Al-Qaeda manual.

Iran says CIA spy network dismantled  » 
18 Jun 2019, 11:34

Iran says CIA spy network dismantledIran said Tuesday it has dismantled a new espionage network linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency and arrested a number of spies. "Following clues in the American intelligence services, we recently found the new recruits Americans had hired and dismantled a new network," state news agency IRNA said, quoting an intelligence ministry official. In what it termed a "wide-reaching blow" to US intelligence, IRNA said Tehran had carried out the operation in cooperation with "foreign allies", without naming any state.

Venezuela Is Now Awash in U.S. Dollars  » 
18 Jun 2019, 9:00

Venezuela Is Now Awash in U.S. Dollars(Bloomberg) -- Editors Note: There are few places as chaotic or dangerous as Venezuela. “Life in Caracas” is a series of short stories that seeks to capture the surreal quality of living in a land in total disarrayWe used to catch only rare glimpses of them in public. A waiter willing to risk jail time might be persuaded to accept them for the right price. Amateur tourists would flash them at the airport. Shady street hawkers made offers for them under their breath.Now, U.S. greenbacks are everywhere. They’re stacked high in cashiers’ drawers at supermarkets and bodegas and even make their way into panhandlers’ cups. The wealthy tip parking valets with singles and pull out wads of twenties to pay for buckets of beer. Currency traders casually set up on busy street corners in slums and shout, “Compro dolares, compro dolares”—“I buy dollars.”With the bolivar all but worthless, devalued into irrelevance by the autocrat Nicolas Maduro, the cash printed by the gringos he rails against has become king. It is beyond ironic that Washingtons and Benjamins—and not the domestic notes named for the South American independence hero—are keeping the consumer economy afloat.Until recently, using foreign money was a crime the government enthusiastically threatened to prosecute. After the ruling socialists established currency controls back in 2003, they began patrolling for transactions that ran afoul of their Kafkaesque rules about money. Plain-clothed inspectors ran stings and raided businesses.While very few people actually ended up behind bars, the government definitely succeeded in spooking everybody. We kept the bills tucked away for fear of sending signals to kidnappers and cops. We talked in code, calling them “lettuces” and “greens.” I conducted a few transactions in dollars in those days, swapping cash on a stove in a restaurant kitchen or in an empty office backroom. The recipients of my treacherous bills would nervously shut windows and doors as they led me away from prying eyes.It took inflation hitting six digits and widespread hunger for the regime to finally begin dismantling the complicated mess of controls. Now the authorities don’t blink when they see dollars bandied about. Their government is too broke and too dysfunctional to try to dictate the terms of commerce anymore. Their 21st Century socialism has given way to savage capitalism.The unwinding of the rules that began last August was welcome for anyone tired of dealing with the dizzying amount of zeros involved in bolivar prices, hauling around bundles of all-but-worthless notes and praying the credit-card reader would, just this once, work. Now we could use real money. It isn't terribly hard for anyone, rich or poor, to get their hands on dollars. People bring them into the country from visits to border towns in Colombia and Brazil or from travels further abroad.It was the great blackout, when most of Venezuela was without power and a functioning banking system, that accelerated the de facto dollarization of the economy. In the darkness, toting around hard currency was the only way you could be certain you’d manage to do any form of shopping.Once the lights finally—and mercifully—came back on, some stores and restaurants kept displaying prices in dollars. Now at the specialty shops that have been popping up in eastern Caracas, offering everything from Fruit Loops to homemade cookies to bottles of Budweiser, the clerks will tell you they’ll gladly accept an electronic transfer via Zelle or PayPal if you don’t have the cash.According to the calculations of one top bank executive, about 30% of all transactions are made in dollars these days. I’d be shocked if that percentage didn’t keep growing. Which seems to be making moot one of the big theoretical debates in opposition circles: whether to adopt the dollar as Venezuela’s currency if they finally manage to take power from the socialists. The people already have.\--With assistance from Fabiola Zerpa and Daniel Cancel.To contact the author of this story: Andrew Rosati in Caracas at arosati3@bloomberg.netTo contact the editor responsible for this story: David Papadopoulos at papadopoulos@bloomberg.net, Anne ReifenbergFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Venezuela receives second shipment of Red Cross aid  » 
18 Jun 2019, 7:49

Venezuela receives second shipment of Red Cross aidVenezuela Monday received a second shipment of Red Cross humanitarian aid, including 24 tonnes of medical supplies and generators provided by Panama, intended for hospitals to help address the country's acute health crisis. In a statement, the Venezuelan Red Cross said it had received "medicines, medical supplies and power generators" that will be distributed in hospitals across the country, which is experiencing the worst crisis in its recent history. Six trucks moved the supplies to a Red Cross warehouse in Caracas, an AFP journalist confirmed.

Forget Glock or Sig Sauer: This 100 Year Old Gun Might Be Better  » 
18 Jun 2019, 6:00

Forget Glock or Sig Sauer: This 100 Year Old Gun Might Be BetterThe response of some weapons designers might have been to develop a fully automatic gun. If one bullet wouldn’t stop the enemy, three might. That would be the argument of a disposable, consumerist culture of overabundance, but we weren’t there yet. The 1911 was frugal with the bullets, but the ones it dished out really did the job.The 1911 is one of the most notorious handguns in history and easily the most famous in America, having seen action in every U.S. conflict since World War I. One of the most successful product designs ever, the 1911 has achieved something rare in the world of machines: immortality. Over a hundred years old, it remains largely unchanged.What Apple is to consumer electronics, John Browning was to late 19th and early 20th century firearms. The 1911 is his most famous design. The typical 1911 is 8.25 inches from tip to tail and weighs 2.49 pounds empty — about as much as a trade paperback book. The 1911 is made of steel, steel and more steel, and takes a magazine that holds seven bullets.The 1911 has seen service in World War I, Mexico, Haiti, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic (twice), Lebanon, World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iran, Grenada, Panama, the Gulf War, the Iraq War and Afghanistan. It has chased bad men from Pancho Villa to Osama Bin Laden.

Vulnerable Trump begins 2020 campaign amid boasts and backlash  » 
18 Jun 2019, 5:00

Vulnerable Trump begins 2020 campaign amid boasts and backlashWith poor poll numbers against Democrats, president faces coordinated opposition – but history may be on his sideDonald Trump campaigns in Florida in 2016. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesDonald Trump will formally launch his 2020 re-election campaign on Tuesday in one of the weakest positions of any incumbent president in modern times.Trump will seek to project self-confidence and portray himself as a winner when he takes the stage at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, before a typically raucous 20,000-capacity crowd more than 16 months before election day in November 2020.The rally “looks to be setting records”, he claimed in a tweet on Monday, adding: “We are building large movie screens outside to take care of everybody. Over 100,000 requests. Our Country is doing great, far beyond what the haters & losers thought possible – and it will only get better!”But beneath the surface self-congratulation, there is cause for panic in Trumpworld. Democrats will seek to undercut the show of strength by staging a counter-rally outside the stadium, featuring speeches from Floridians who say they have been personally hurt by the president’s policies. Protesters are lining up a giant, nappy-wearing baby Trump balloon.The ferocity of the backlash is evident all over America: in protest marches of “the resistance”, in progressive grassroots organisations mobilising voters, in multimillionaire donors vowing to spend what it takes to defeat Trump, in steadily growing demands for impeachment, in hard-hitting newspaper reports and editorials and in constant lampooning by late-night comedians.Potential match-ups with Democratic rivals show the president in trouble, according to polls. He is lagging behind Joe Biden 53% to 40%, Bernie Sanders 51% to 42%, Kamala Harris 49% to 41%, Elizabeth Warren 49% to 42%, Pete Buttigieg 47% to 42% and Cory Booker 47% to 42%, according to a Quinnipiac University National Poll released last week.A leak of internal polling from the Trump’s re-election campaign also showed him trailing Biden in several battleground states, including by double digits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The president was reportedly furious and severed links with three of his five pollsters.John Zogby, a pollster, author and founder of John Zogby Strategies, said: “At the moment he is on the ropes. His job approval rating has settled down to 42% or 43%. He’s down in every one of those key battleground states – New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa.”But in 2016, Trump defied the polls and conventional wisdom to beat Hillary Clinton in the electoral college, though he lost the popular vote by nearly 3m ballots. He goes into 2020 with economic growth above 3% and unemployment at its lowest rate for half a century.Zogby said: “The economy is good; it’s not sputtering. We can talk about the ‘real economy’ but the fact is Americans feel pretty good right now about it. He’s down among millennials but, at the same time, there’s a slight uptick in his support because they’re working.”History is also on Trump’s side: no incumbent president has lost an election since George HW Bush was defeated by Bill Clinton in 1992. Zogby added: “There are always advantages to being the incumbent. You can raise money.“Unlike George HW Bush, he has 94% support among self-identified Republicans: that’s high. There is a real intensity among his supporters. It’s not enough to win but it’s enough to say, ‘Hey, there’d better be intensity on the other side too.’Trump launched his 2016 campaign in New York, descending a golden escalator to the basement of Trump Tower, having paid people $50 to attend the event. He filed for re-election on the day he was sworn into office, but is officially launching his 2020 bid in his other spiritual home, Florida. Trump has made more visits there as president than to any other state. Mar-a-Lago, his so-called “winter White House”, is in Palm Beach, while he also owns several golf clubs in the Sunshine State.Florida is also a critical swing state, the decider in the disputed 2000 election between George W Bush and Al Gore. Trump beat Clinton in the state by nearly 113,000 votes, or 1.2 percentage points, setting him on his way to the White House. The first Democratic primary debates also take place in Florida – in Miami – next week.First, on Tuesday, Trump will announce his second-term presidential run along with the first lady, Melania Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence. The outdoor “45 fest” for the overflow crowd will feature food trucks, live music from the Guzzlers and big screens showing his speech.Among those who would like to attend, but are daunted by the prospect of a long queue, is Melanie Parham, a 59-year-old author from St Cloud, Florida. “I have been very pleased with the things that President Trump has accomplished so far, but I am totally disgusted with the Democrats and how they have constantly fought him on everything since they won the House,” she said.“They are determined to prevent him from accomplishing anything else as they are still sore losers of the 2016 election and they do not want him to have any more positives in his column.”But Democrats in Florida are launching a counter-offensive, holding a “DefeatTrumpFL” rally of their own outside the Amway Center. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) will run a live factcheck of Trump’s claims during his event. Priorities USA, a political organizing group known as a Super Pac, will run a six-figure digital advertising campaign to “help cut through his noise and give voters a look at the truth about Trump’s policies”.Daniel Wessel, deputy director of the DNC’s “war room”, told CBS News: “New campaign, same broken promises. Trump will say anything to win an election, and then he never follows through.“Look where we are today - healthcare costs more, prescription drugs cost more, and all Trump’s done is help the rich and big corporations. The question voters need to ask is: what’s he done for me? For working people, the answer is nothing.”

Colorado Teen Dies in Car Surfing Accident in Front of His Home  » 
18 Jun 2019, 3:20

Colorado Teen Dies in Car Surfing Accident in Front of His HomeA 16-year-old Commerce City boy died after falling from a moving car being driven by his friend, police said Monday.

Mexico's crackdown on migrants sends some heading south  » 
18 Jun 2019, 3:00

Mexico's crackdown on migrants sends some heading southMexico's efforts to slow Central American migration across its territory showed some bite Monday as some people turned around to head south in the face of increased enforcement, while government officials said they would target human smuggling rings. One government official announced that the 6,000 National Guard members who officials had repeatedly said would be sent to the southern border will actually be distributed across the northern border and other areas as well, while another suggested measures were showing results. A senior Mexican official, who requested anonymity to discuss negotiations with the U.S., said that three weeks ago about 4,200 migrants were arriving at the U.S. border daily and that now that number has dropped to about 2,600 per day.

Analysis: China blinks, but divide from Hong Kong remains  » 
18 Jun 2019, 1:08

Analysis: China blinks, but divide from Hong Kong remainsThe leader of China, it turns out, may not be all-powerful. Faced with huge and disruptive protests in Hong Kong, China blinked. The decision to shelve the legislation that sparked the demonstrations shows that limits still exist to how hard China can, or is willing, to push.

Shanahan's confirmation hearing for defense secretary delayed amid FBI investigation  » 
17 Jun 2019, 23:22

Shanahan's confirmation hearing for defense secretary delayed amid FBI investigationPatrick Shanahan is facing a protracted FBI investigation that has delayed his Senate hearing until at least next month. With Shanahan’s confirmation on hold, press reports have questioned his relationship with the president, and the Pentagon has been fielding press queries about his personal life.

Alex Jones Faces Court Action After Threatening Sandy Hook Lawyer  » 
17 Jun 2019, 22:28

Alex Jones Faces Court Action After Threatening Sandy Hook LawyerAndrew Harrer/Bloomberg via GettyA Connecticut judge could impose penalties on InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Tuesday, after Jones aired a show where he punched a picture of an attorney representing Sandy Hook families and called the lawyer a “pimp.”In a motion filed Monday in Connecticut, attorneys for the Sandy Hook families asked the court to review Friday’s episode of InfoWars. In that show, Jones raged at attorney Chris Mattei, who’s representing Sandy Hook families suing Jones for saying the 2012 elementary school massacre never happened.While sitting next to his own attorney, Norm Pattis, Jones accused Mattei without evidence of planting child porn on InfoWars’s servers.“Total war!” Jones said. “You want it, you got it! I’m not into kids like your Democratic Party, you cocksuckers! So get ready!”Alex Jones Offers $1M Reward After Alleged ‘Malware’ Attack That He Says Planted Child Porn on His ServersWhile producing emails during the lawsuit’s discovery process, InfoWars accidentally handed over child pornography that had been emailed to the company by one or more anonymous people. The emails were then sent to a company handling document review for the Sandy Hook attorneys, the latest error in a discovery process that InfoWars and Jones have been frequently accused of hindering.  After receiving the images, the Sandy Hook attorneys contacted the FBI, who took over the document review process. In their motion, the attorneys say InfoWars could have avoided forwarding the emails if they had conducted “even minimal due diligence.” “They transmitted images to the plaintiffs that if they were knowingly possessed is a serious federal crime,” the attorneys say in the motion. In a statement, Pattis said InfoWars employees hadn’t opened the emails when they were originally received. “I spoke to federal prosecutors last week,” Pattis said. “They report that there is no indication anyone at InfoWars knowingly possessed child pornography. The items were embedded in emails sent to folks at InfoWars without ever having been opened.”On his Friday show, Jones concocted a conspiracy theory that Mattei had planted the child porn himself in an attempt to discredit InfoWars. Jones fumed at Mattei, calling him a “white-shoe boy that thinks he owns America.” Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones and InfowarsPattis appeared uncomfortable as Jones raged at the plaintiff’s attorney, at one point urging Jones to calm down and referring to Jones as “young man.” At one point during the show, Jones punched a picture of Mattei. Pattis told Jones to stop showing Mattei’s face on air, adding that they didn’t know who had sent InfoWars the child pornography.“I didn’t come on your show to be made out to be a naive fool,” Pattis said. The Sandy Hook attorneys urged the judge in the case to consider action against Jones over the show at a hearing on Tuesday. They haven’t specified yet what kind of action they want, but say in their motion that the court has an “obligation to protect” the lawyers on the case. Read more at The Daily Beast.Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now!Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside goes deeper on the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

See Photos of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4  » 
17 Jun 2019, 22:00

See Photos of the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4

Suspected home intruder chased off by 11-year-old boy with machete  » 
17 Jun 2019, 20:48

Suspected home intruder chased off by 11-year-old boy with macheteAn 11-year-old boy is making headlines after he chased off three home invadersby striking one of them with a machete last Friday morning, according to WTVD

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover finally has its head  » 
17 Jun 2019, 20:30

NASA’s Mars 2020 rover finally has its headNASA's Mars 2020 mission will be its most ambitious trip to the Red Planet yet. The Mars 2020 rover is absolutely packed with the latest high-tech instruments, and while the mission isn't scheduled to begin until next summer, excitement is already building in a big way.Recently, NASA began hosting a live stream where viewers can watch its engineers slowly testing and assembling the components that will be shot skyward. As NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory boasts in a new blog post, the rover just got a huge addition in the form of its mast, which is the iconic "face" of any rover.The mast of the Mars 2020 rover is equipped with lenses and various sensors that will provide scientists back on Earth with a more detailed glimpse of the Martian surface than ever before. However, the mast will actually be folded flat for the trip between Earth and Mars.JPL explains:> During Mars 2020's launch, interplanetary cruise, and its fast and fiery descent toward the Martian surface, the mast will be in stowed flat on the rover's deck. Soon after touchdown, the mast (which tops out at over 7 feet, or 2.2 meters) will be raised to provide a high perch for the SuperCam, Mastcam-Z and Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzerinstruments as well as four Navcam engineering cameras.That's a whole bunch of high-tech goodies that need to work perfectly, and hooking it all up takes time. According to JPL, the "selfie" above was snapped on June 5th after the mast was first attached, but its various instruments took another six days to fully integrate.The Mars 2020 mission is scheduled to get underway on July 17th, 2020, but it won't actually arrive on the Red Planet until February of 2021. We still have a bit of a wait on our hands, but once the rover is on the Red Planet it'll surely have some surprising discoveries to share with us.

This big bank is eliminating all fees on checking and savings accounts  » 
17 Jun 2019, 19:56

This big bank is eliminating all fees on checking and savings accountsDiscover is doing away with fees of any kind on its checking, savings, money market and certificate of deposit accounts.

Justice Thomas urges U.S. Supreme Court to feel free to reverse precedents  » 
17 Jun 2019, 19:45

Justice Thomas urges U.S. Supreme Court to feel free to reverse precedentsWriting in a gun possession case over whether the federal government and states can prosecute someone separately for the same crime, Thomas said the court should reconsider its standard for reviewing precedents. Thomas said the nine justices should not uphold precedents that are "demonstrably erroneous," regardless of whether other factors supported letting them stand. "When faced with a demonstrably erroneous precedent, my rule is simple: We should not follow it," wrote Thomas, who has long expressed a greater willingness than his colleagues to overrule precedents.

The Latest: Airbus is ready for autonomous planes; are you?  » 
17 Jun 2019, 16:59

The Latest:  Airbus is ready for autonomous planes; are you?The chief salesman for Airbus says his company already has the technology to fly passenger planes without pilots at all — and is working on winning over regulators and travelers to the idea. Christian Scherer also said in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday that Airbus hopes to be selling hybrid or electric passenger jets by around 2035. While the company is still far from ready to churn out battery-operated jumbo jets, Scherer said Airbus already has "the technology for autonomous flying" and for planes flown by just one pilot.

Amazon denies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim it pays warehouse workers ‘starvation wages’  » 
17 Jun 2019, 16:50

Amazon denies Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s claim it pays warehouse workers ‘starvation wages’Amazon has rejected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‘s claim it pays its workers “starvation wages”, saying the New York congresswoman is “just wrong”.Speaking over the weekend, the 29-year-old said she was less worried about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos being the richest person in the world, than if he was paying his workers a living wage. “Whether Jeff Bezos is a billionaire or not is less of my concern than if your average Amazon worker is making a living wage, if they have guaranteed health care and if they can send their kids to college tuition-free,” she told ABC News. “If his being a billionaire is predicated on paying people starvation wages and stripping them of their ability to access health care, and also if his ability to be a billionaire is predicated on the fact that his workers take food stamps…[then taxpayers are ] paying for him to be a billionaire.” On Monday, Amazon, which for many years was criticised over the wages it paid warehouse staff, rejected the congresswoman’s claim.“@AOC is just wrong. Amazon is a leader on pay at $15 min wage + full benefits from day one,” the company tweeted. “We also lobby to raise federal minimum wage.”Last year, Bernie Sanders, whom Ms Ocasio-Cortez campaigned for during the 2016 presidential contest, introduced legislation to tax large companies the full amount their workers were forced to be subsidised in the form of food stamps and state and federal benefits. He took aim in particular at Amazon, whose founder is said to be worth $150bn and yet has paid warehouse workers as little as $10 an hour.“At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, when the 3 wealthiest people in America own more wealth than the bottom 50 per cent and when 52 per cent of all new income goes to the top one per cent, the American people are tired of subsidising multi-billionaires who own some of the largest and most profitable corporations in America,” Mr Sanders said when he introduced the legislation.The following month, Amazon said it had decided to pay all its workers a minimum of $15 an hour, which many campaigners say it still to little to qualify as a living wage.“We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead,” said Mr Bezos. “We’re excited about this change and encourage our competitors and other large employers to join us.”The comment over the weekend did not represent the first time Ms Ocasio-Cortez has placed Amazon, which in 2018 paid no federal taxes for the second years in succession, in her sights.Last year, she was among those campaigning for the company not to bring its so-called second headquarters to a location on New York’s Long Island City. She said it was wrong to pay the e-commerce giant up to $3.4bn in tax breaks and grants to complete the move.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Trump after he misquotes her in tweet defending him against impeachment  » 
17 Jun 2019, 16:33

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Trump after he misquotes her in tweet defending him against impeachmentAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez called Donald Trump’s “bluff” after he misquoted her in a tweet defending himself against growing calls for his impeachment.The Democratic congresswoman told broadcaster ABC that the Democrats have “a very real risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump” if the party does not have a candidate in 2020 who will fight for “true transformational change” in people's lives.In a tweet posted on Sunday, Mr Trump used an edited version of Ms Ocasio-Cortez’s quote to hit back at those calling for his impeachment.“'I think we have a very real risk of losing the Presidency to Donald Trump,'" tweeted Trump, citing Ms Ocasio-Cortez's quote. “I agree, and that is the only reason they play the impeach card, which cannot be legally used!”In response, the New York congresswoman tweeted: “Mr. President, you’re from Queens. You may fool the rest of the country, but I'll call your bluff any day of the week.“Opening an impeachment inquiry is exactly what we must do when the President obstructs justice, advises witnesses to ignore legal subpoenas & more.”She concluded her response with “Bye” and a waving-hand emoji.The back-and-forth between Mr Trump and Ms Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter comes as dozens of Democrats call to impeach the president, even as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has quashed the prospect of impeachment for now.In her interview with ABC's Jonathan Karl, Ms Ocasio-Cortez said Mr Trump's recent Oval Office meeting with George Stephanopoulos was the latest indication of why Mr Trump should be held accountable to “the rule of law.” During the meeting, the US president acknowledged he would consider accepting information on his political opponents from a foreign government.“I think every day that passes, the pressure to impeach grows and I think that it's justifiable, I think the evidence continues to come in,” she said.“I believe that with the president now saying he is willing to break the law to win re-election, that transcends partisanship, it transcends party lines, and this is now about the rule of law in the United States of America.”Her sentiment is reflective of a recent spike among Democratic voters pushing for impeachment. A poll released on Sunday from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal found that 48 per cent of Democratic voters back impeachment, up from 30 per cent last month. But the poll found that the nation remains largely divided on the issue, with Republican and independent voters opposing impeachment hearings.Mr Trump's tweet quoting the New York congresswoman came towards the end of a busy Sunday for him on Twitter. This saw him sending Father's Day wishes even to his “worst and most vicious critics, of which there are fewer and fewer”, sharing a video of lawmakers and pundits doubting his 2016 campaign and congratulating golfer Gary Woodland for winning the US Open.The US president also thanked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for inaugurating Trump Heights, Israel's newest town on the Golan Heights. The town is located in the same area that Trump recognised in March as being part of sovereign Israel.Ms Ocasio-Cortez also commented on the candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden on Sunday, saying that he still has some work to do to change his behaviour towards women.Asked whether she believes Mr Biden understands some of the concerns that have been raised regarding his behaviour, she said: “I think that's something that he has to kind of show the electorate."You know, I think that it is an issue where there is a struggle; I'll be completely honest.”When asked whether Mr Trump would be re-elected if the Democrats do not nominate someone who identifies as a true progressive, Ms Ocasio-Cortez warned against electing a president who advocated for “half-measures”, such as someone who would not fight for a $15 minimum wage, a tuition-free college initiative or advancing women's rights. She reiterated her concern of what that would mean for 2020.“I think we have a very real risk of losing the presidency,” she said.Washington Post

Prime Day came early for the best-selling Instant Pot, which is down to its lowest price of 2019  » 
17 Jun 2019, 16:07

Prime Day came early for the best-selling Instant Pot, which is down to its lowest price of 2019Is your old multi-cooker showing its age? Or perhaps you haven't yet gotten yourself an Instant Pot to see what all the fuss is about. Whatever the case may be, today is your lucky day because Prime Day pretty much just came early for the largest version of Instant Pot's best-selling model. That's right, the Instant Pot DUO80 8 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker normally costs $140 but today it's all the way down to $84.99, the lowest price of 2019. Definitely get one before this deal is done!Here's some important info from the product page: * Duo 8 Quart, the number 1 selling multi-cooker, combines 7 kitchen appliances in 1, Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Marker and Warmer, prepares dishes up to 70% faster to support your busy lifestyle * Features 14 Smart Programs - Soup, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Poultry, Saute/Simmer, Rice, Multigrain, Porridge, Steam, Slow Cook, Keep Warm, Yogurt, Manual, and Pressure Cook. Now, your favorite dishes are as easy as pressing a button * Healthy, stainless steel (18/8) inner cooking pot made from food grade 304, no chemical coating, 3-ply bottom for even heat distribution, fully sealed environment traps the flavours, nutrients and aromas within the food * Built with the latest 3rd generation technology, the microprocessor monitors pressure, temperature, keeps time, and adjusts heating intensity and duration to achieve your desired results every time * UL and ULC certified with 10 safety mechanisms to provide you with added assurance, designed to eliminate many common errors * Accessories include stainless steel steam rack with handles, rice paddle, soup spoon, measuring cup, condensation collector and recipe booklet * Power supply: 120V - 60Hz, Power: 1200 watts

Boeing CEO calls handling of 737 Max crashes a 'mistake,' vows improvements  » 
17 Jun 2019, 15:49

Boeing CEO calls handling of 737 Max crashes a 'mistake,' vows improvementsBoeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg calls his company's handling of two software-related crashes of the 737 Max aircraft a 'mistake.'

U.S.-North Korea Summit Proves to Be All Talk, No Seoul  » 
17 Jun 2019, 15:48

U.S.-North Korea Summit Proves to Be All Talk, No SeoulMoon Jae-in was a very busy man last week. He spent three days in Northern Europe with a large host of dignitaries and very important people. During that time he engaged in a “hackathon” with the Finlandian president, held talks with the Norwegian prime minister, and attended a state dinner with the king and queen of Sweden. It was an opportunity for the South Korean president to play the statesman and escape the rough-and-tumble politics of Seoul for at least a few days.Moon, however, has a big problem. He has staked his five-year tenure in large part on transforming inter-Korean relations and turning the page on seven decades of animus on the Korean Peninsula. So, he can’t escape the North Korea file for long—even when he is in the Nordic.In fact, Moon delivered two speeches during his three-day trip, which were heavily devoted to his peace project with the North. His June 14 address to the Swedish parliament, in which Moon predicted that the “international society will immediately respond if North Korea puts forth sincere efforts” towards denuclearization, was a public plea to knock some sense into the North Korean elite. By pushing Pyongyang into fulfilling its obligations in the letter and spirit of the three inter-Korean summits last year, Moon was sending a very basic message to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un: we are in this thing together, so help me help you.

Daring maneuver brings NASA’s orbiter closer to an asteroid than ever before  » 
17 Jun 2019, 15:44

Daring maneuver brings NASA’s orbiter closer to an asteroid than ever beforeNASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has been orbiting the space rock known as Bennu since the start of the year. It caught up with the asteroid in late December of 2018 and successfully inserted itself into orbit around the object around New Year's day. There have been several "firsts" along the way, but its latest maneuver is the most daring yet, and it allowed the spacecraft to break yet another record.A recent tweak to its orbit has brought the probe to an orbit of just 680 meters, or around 2,230 feet from the asteroid's surface. This is now the closest that any manmade spacecraft has orbited any planetary body.It's a stellar achievement for NASA, but it's worth noting that the previous record was actually already held by the OSIRIS-REx probe. What NASA did was break its own record and set itself even farther ahead from any competition to come in the future.This new orbit, which the research team calls the Orbital B phase, will give scientists a better understanding of the asteroid's surface and hopefully allow NASA to choose a suitable location where the probe can briefly snag a sample of its material.Actually pulling off such a daring maneuver will be incredibly risky, and nobody is quite sure if the spacecraft can make it happen. This is due in large part to the incredibly messy surface of Bennu, which surprised scientists when they got their first close look. The asteroid's surface is littered with debris ranging from tiny pebbles to massive boulders, and the spacecraft's handlers now have to find the safest place on the rock from which to gather a sample.Assuming it pulls off the sample grab, the probe will then leave Bennu and return to Earth with the sample material stowed safely for scientists on Earth to examine.

Boeing apologises for 737 MAX crashes as Paris Air Show opens  » 
17 Jun 2019, 15:26

Boeing apologises for 737 MAX crashes as Paris Air Show opensA top Boeing executive apologised Monday for two crashes of 737 MAX jets that together killed 346 people, disasters which have pushed safety to the top of the agenda as aerospace firms gathered for the opening of the Paris Air Show. The US aerospace giant is battling to regain the trust of passengers, pilots and regulators after a 737 operated by Indonesia's Lion Air flight crashed last October, followed by an Ethiopian Airlines jet in March. "We are very sorry for the loss of lives as a result of the tragic accidents... our thoughts and our prayers are with their families," Boeing's head of commercial aircraft Kevin McAllister told journalists at the air show.

McConnell on Jon Stewart: 'I don't know why he's all bent out of shape' over 9/11 victims' fund  » 
17 Jun 2019, 15:23

McConnell on Jon Stewart: 'I don't know why he's all bent out of shape' over 9/11 victims' fundThe Senate majority leader says he can’t understand why the former “Daily Show” host is angry over the handling of health care funding for 9/11 victims.

Amazon synod to debate ordination of married men  » 
17 Jun 2019, 15:13

Amazon synod to debate ordination of married menAn upcoming Vatican global synod dedicated to the Amazon is set to discuss allowing married men in remote areas to be ordained as priests, according to a preview of the meeting made public on Monday. The much-anticipated discussion, which will form part of the October 6 to 27 synod, is aimed at boosting the stock of potential clergy in far-flung areas where they are currently scarce. Pope Francis has repeatedly said there is no doctrinal prohibition on married men who have reached a certain age from becoming priests, and therefore the discipline could be changed.

Bill Cosby's post as 'America's Dad' on Father's Day sparks anger online  » 
17 Jun 2019, 14:57

Bill Cosby's post as 'America's Dad' on Father's Day sparks anger online"Hey, Hey, Hey...It's America's Dad... I know it's late, but to all of the Dads... It's an honor to be called a Father, so let's make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose - strengthening our families and communities," Cosby posted on Instagram late Sunday night. Cosby, 81, who last year was convicted of drugging and sexually attacking former Temple University administrator Andrea Constand in 2004, requested the message be posted after he gave a Father's Day speech to fellow inmates at maximum-security SCI Phoenix facility outside Philadelphia, where he is serving a 3- to 10-year sentence.

600 people on Monsanto 'watch lists' in Germany, France: Bayer  » 
17 Jun 2019, 13:12

600 people on Monsanto 'watch lists' in Germany, France: BayerUS seeds and pesticides maker Monsanto kept lists of around 600 key pro- and anti-pesticides figures in Germany and France alone, its German parent company Bayer said Monday amid a widening probe. Bayer has admitted the lists covered politicians, journalists and others across seven European countries and in Brussels. "Update on Monsanto stakeholder lists: until the end of last week, the firm hired by Bayer contacted all the people on the German and French lists," Bayer's press department tweeted.

U.S. 'probably had excellent presidents who were gay,' Buttigieg says  » 
17 Jun 2019, 13:12

U.S. 'probably had excellent presidents who were gay,' Buttigieg saysIf South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg wins the 2020 election, he’ll be the first openly gay man to serve as president. But he says he’s “almost certain” he wouldn’t be the first gay president in U.S. history.

AOC: ‘Hyde Amendment Is about Income Inequality’ Not Abortion  » 
17 Jun 2019, 12:43

AOC: ‘Hyde Amendment Is about Income Inequality’ Not AbortionRepresentative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) on Sunday praised former vice president Joe Biden for his recently announced opposition to the Hyde amendment and said that her own opposition to the prohibition on the direct federal funding of abortion is rooted in her concern about income inequality.“I’m encourage by the fact that he is now against the Hyde Amendment,” Ocasio-Cortez told ABC’s Jonathan Karl when asked about Biden’s recent reversal on the issue.Ocasio-Cortez, who launched a petition over the weekend to build public support for the amendment's repeal, went on to explain that the direct federal funding of abortion is necessary to protect the abortion rights of incarcerated pregnant women.“Reproductive health care for incarcerated women should be guaranteed as it is with all women in the United States, so I think it really depends,” said the freshman New York lawmaker. More from her remarks:> And that’s really what the Hyde amendment is really about. The Hyde amendment isn’t about abortion per se. The Hyde amendment is truly about equality of healthcare and healthcare access for low income women and women of color and women that get caught in our mass incarceration system. And so the Hyde amendment is about income inequality and it’s about women’s healthcare in a system of income inequality. So I think that we need to repeal it.After maintaining support for the Hyde amendment throughout his decades-long career in politics, Biden reversed himself last month in response to pressure from abortion-advocacy groups.“If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone's ZIP code,” Biden said at a Democratic National Committee gala in Atlanta, citing the restrictive abortion bills recently passed in a number of southern states as the impetus for his reversal.Biden's high-profile reversal on the Hyde amendment prompted an outpouring of public statements from his 2020 Democratic primary opponents about the need to repeal the amendment, which has been added as a rider to federal spending bills in the decades since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

24 Cool Classic Cars That Are Perfect for a Collector on a Budget  » 
17 Jun 2019, 12:00

24 Cool Classic Cars That Are Perfect for a Collector on a Budget

John Oliver Makes the Case for Impeachment on Last Week Tonight  » 
17 Jun 2019, 11:48

John Oliver Makes the Case for Impeachment on Last Week Tonight“Not opening an inquiry comes with consequences, too," says Oliver.

Attacks on oil tankers in Gulf spark fears of return to 1980s 'Tanker Wars'  » 
17 Jun 2019, 11:24

Attacks on oil tankers in Gulf spark fears of return to 1980s 'Tanker Wars'The spate of alleged Iranian attacks on oil ships in the Gulf of Oman has raised global fears of a return to the “Tanker Wars” of the 1980s, when oil tankers were regularly targeted and US warships fought cat-and-mouse battles with Iranian forces.  Shipping analysts said that this week’s attack on two oil tanker had sent tensions in the Gulf to their highest point since 1987, when Iraq and Iran began destroying each other’s oil infrastructure, and sent maritime insurance prices spiraling.  The Tanker Wars ended only after the US deployed its largest naval convoy since the Second World War to protect Kuwaiti oil vessels and after American forces engaged in direct combat with Iranian ships.     “We’ve had six tankers explode in that region in the last four weeks. The industry is about as close to a conflict footing as it has ever been been in the past,” said Richard Meade, the editor of Lloyd’s List, a shipping intelligence agency. “We haven't seen tankers being targeted or caught in the cross fire in this way since the late 1980s. The industry is understandably very nervous and this is being taken very seriously.” The US blamed Iran for Thursday's attack Credit: AP Photo/ISNA Meanwhile, US officials said Iranian forces had attempted to shoot down an American drone in the Gulf of Oman shortly before beginning their attack on two oil tankers on Thursday, according to CNN. If confirmed, the attempt would signal a willingness by Iran to directly confront the US in the Persian Gulf, rather than striking non-American targets in the hope of avoiding retaliation by US forces. The unmanned drone reportedly observed Iranian vessels in the vicinity of the two oil tankers but did not capture them actually carrying out the attack.  Another US drone was reportedly successfully shot down by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen last week. The rebels released photos of a wrecked aircraft but the US has not officially confirmed what happened. Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president, repeated his threat on Saturday to breach the 2015 nuclear agreement by resuming enrichment of the kind of high-grade uranium which could be used in a nuclear weapon.  Mr Rouhani has said that high-grade enrichment will resume in July unless the European signatories to the nuclear deal find a way to circumvent US sanctions and bring relief to Iran’s faltering economy.  Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, threatened to breach the nuclear deal next month Credit: ABEDIN TAHERKENAREH/EPA-EFE/REX “Iran cannot stick to this agreement unilaterally," Mr Rouhani told Russian, Chinese and other Asian leaders at a conference in Tajikistan.  He did not mention the tanker incident but Iran has denied responsibility. Jeremy Hunt, the foreign secretary, and several other Conservative leadership candidates also condemned Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour leader questioned whether there was credible evidence Iran was responsible for this week’s attacks.    The US released a video which it said showed Iranian forces trying to hide evidence of attacking the tankers and the British government said that it was “almost certain” that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was responsible.  “Without credible evidence about the tanker attacks, the government’s rhetoric will only increase the threat of war,” Mr Corbyn said.  Britain should act to ease tensions in the Gulf, not fuel a military escalation that began with US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. Without credible evidence about the tanker attacks, the government’s rhetoric will only increase the threat of war.— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) June 14, 2019 Mr Hunt called the comments “pathetic and predictable”. “From Salisbury to the Middle East, why can he never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests?” Mr Hunt said. Dominic Raab, Michael Gove, and Sajid Javid also criticised Mr Corbyn's comments. Mr Raab said the Labour leader was allowing "his anti-American prejudice to skew his moral compass and political judgment". Heiko Mass, the German foreign minister, also said the grainy video released by the US was “not enough” to prove Iran was behind the attack. The UN called for an independent investigation into what happened.   Khalid al-Falih, the Saudi energy minister, said there must a be a "swift and decisive" reponse to the threats against energy supplies caused by the attacks. The Tanker War began in 1981 but erupted into all-out conflict three years later when Saddam Hussein’s forces attacked Iranian oil tankers and Iran responded by targeting Kuwaiti tankers carrying Iraqi oil.    More than 450 ships were attacked during the eight years of fighting. Alarmed by the spiraling conflict, the US took Kuwaiti tankers under its own protection and deployed 30 warships to the Persian Gulf.  The conflict led to direct combat between Iran and the US, including Operation Praying Mantis, where US forces killed around 60 Iranian sailors in response to an American ship being damaged by a naval mine.  The US Navy accidentally shot down a civilian Iran Air flight during that period, killing all 290 people onboard.  Brett McGurk, a former US diplomat, said there was potentially “more risk and uncertainty today” than in 1988 because the Tanker War was confined to the Persian Gulf while current asymmetric struggle between the US was playing out in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.    It remains unclear what will happen to the 23 crew members of the Front Altair, one of the damaged tankers, who were picked up by Iranian forces and taken to the Iranian port of Jask. Eleven of the crew are Russian and they are expected to be eventually repatriated.   US officials said Iranian speed boats were preventing tugs from reaching the stranded Front Altair and towing it back to port. The Kokuka Courageous, other tanker, was expected to be returned to the United Arab Emirates on Sunday.


Trump EPA to unveil replacement for Obama's power plant rule  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:36

Trump EPA to unveil replacement for Obama's power plant ruleObama's Clean Power Plan had aimed to slash power plant carbon emissions by more than a third from 2005 levels by 2030, which would have forced utilities to drop coal in favor of cleaner fuels like natural gas. The regulation was never enacted because of lawsuits by Republican states. President Donald Trump vowed early in his presidency to kill the Clean Power Plan as part of his administration's attempt to revive the ailing coal industry.

U.S. Futures Mark Time Before Fed as Bonds Decline: Markets Wrap  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:33

U.S. Futures Mark Time Before Fed as Bonds Decline: Markets Wrap(Bloomberg) -- U.S. equity futures adopted a holding pattern on Wednesday while European stocks and Treasuries slipped as investors prepare for the latest Federal Reserve meeting to conclude, with anticipation growing that policy makers will signal a readiness to lower rates.Contracts for the three main U.S. gauges traded little changed while declines in real estate shares helped drag the Stoxx Europe 600 slightly lower. Shares rose in Asia following the rally on Wall Street a day earlier, which was boosted when President Donald Trump tweeted he will sit down with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit next week. Hong Kong’s shares led the region, advancing 2.6%. The yield on 10-year Treasuries rose toward 2.09%, while that of Japan’s benchmark hit a three-year low. The pound gained for a second day.As many of the world’s biggest central banks signal a shift to easier policy, traders are weighing that against trade war fears and signs of cooling global growth. Trump said Tuesday that he had a “very good” phone conversation with Xi. The two leaders will hold an “extended meeting” at the G-20 summit on June 28-29 in Osaka and “our respective teams will begin talks prior to our meeting,” Trump said on Twitter.“At this stage, we are not getting as optimistic as maybe the stock market is about the headlines overnight,” Laura Fitzsimmons, executive director for rates and FX sales at JPMorgan Chase & Co., told Bloomberg TV in Sydney about the developments on trade. “Stock markets can run for a little bit longer but as we get closer to the event itself the risk of disappointment will again appear.”Elsewhere, West Texas crude stabilized after OPEC and its allies agreed to hold the next meeting to discuss oil-output cuts on July 1-2, resolving a monthlong dispute that highlighted divisions within the group. The Turkish lira fell on a report the Trump administration is weighing new sanctions on the country over its purchases of the Russian S-400 missile-defense system.Here are some key events coming up:The Fed, Bank of Japan and Bank of England all set monetary policy, along with central banks in Norway, Brazil, Taiwan and Indonesia.The Fed’s two-day meeting ends Wednesday with a decision and press conference. Officials are expected to debate a rate cut to shelter the U.S. economy, in part, from the fallout caused by escalating trade disputes.Final May CPI data for Britain are due on Wednesday.U.K. retail sales are set for release on Thursday.These are the main moves in markets:StocksThe Stoxx Europe 600 Index declined 0.1% as of 6:29 a.m. New York time.Futures on the S&P 500 Index climbed less than 0.05%.France’s CAC 40 Index increased less than 0.05%.Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index surged 2.6% on the biggest jump in more than seven months.The MSCI Emerging Market Index gained 1.4%, the highest in six weeks on the largest rise in more than a week.CurrenciesThe Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index decreased less than 0.05%.The British pound rose 0.1% to $1.2576.The euro gained 0.1%.The Turkish lira sank 0.7%.The Russian ruble increased less than 0.05% to 63.99 per dollar, reaching the strongest in eight weeks on its fifth consecutive advance.BondsThe yield on 10-year Treasuries rose three basis points to 2.09%.Britain’s 10-year yield climbed four basis points to 0.845%.Japan’s 10-year yield decreased one basis point to -0.137%.Spain’s 10-year yield increased two basis points to 0.412%.CommoditiesGold declined 0.3% to $1,342.72 an ounce, the largest drop in more than a week.West Texas Intermediate crude climbed 0.1%.Iron ore gained 1.9% to $108.77 per metric ton.\--With assistance from Juliette Saly and Adam Haigh.To contact the reporter on this story: Todd White in Madrid at twhite2@bloomberg.netTo contact the editor responsible for this story: Samuel Potter at spotter33@bloomberg.netFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

Exclusive: Libyan steel maker plans $1 billion tender in July, output hike in 2019  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:33

Exclusive: Libyan steel maker plans $1 billion tender in July, output hike in 2019The Libyan Iron and Steel Company (Lisco), one of North Africa's biggest steelmakers, plans to launch a tender next month worth $1 billion to build two new plants and also aims to increase production this year, its chairman said. Mohamed al-Faqih also told Reuters Lisco had started exporting products to a new market, Algeria, in a rare sign of non-oil activity in the OPEC oil producer. The steelmaker has been hit by power cuts, shortages and the reluctance of European firms to engage with the country amid chaos since the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is down by £70 on Amazon  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:31

The Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is down by £70 on AmazonTL;DR: The elegant Nespresso Citiz coffee machine is on sale for under £79.99 on Amazon, saving you £70 on list price.* * *The coffee machine market is pretty crowded, with a lot of devices to consider. Some of these come under £100, and others can cost thousands. Naturally, if you are spending a large sum of money, you need to carefully weigh up your options.As with most devices, it comes down to performance, design, and, of course, cost. If you can tick off two of these elements, the third is probably going to let you down. If a coffee machine has great performance and looks beautiful, chances are it will be pricey. Likewise, if a device is cheap and works well, it will probably look horrible. You get the idea. Read more...More about Coffee Machine, Nespresso, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Solo, and Shopping Uk

Could a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Be the First Step to Fight Climate Change?  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:30

Could a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax Be the First Step to Fight Climate Change?When it comes to combating climate change, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is currently the fashionable solution of the liberal Left. Since its botched rollout in February, anyone with common sense has conceded that the plan’s utopian promises of guaranteed jobs, government-funded health care, and an expanded social safety net give it little chance of producing real legislation. American taxpayers should be relieved; the conservative think tank American Action Forum estimates that it would cost as much as $93 trillion, or roughly 450 percent of the United States’ current GDP, to implement.Such is the unimaginative and irresponsible approach to public policy that has become a mainstay of modern Democratic politics: Any problem, no matter how complex, can be solved if we throw enough money at it.Fortunately, Republicans in Congress have finally woken up to the problems of climate change and are proposing their own solutions. Senator John Cornyn has announced that he’s working to draft bills that would promote research on clean-energy technologies. Likewise, Senator Lamar Alexander has outlined a “New Manhattan Project” to develop cleaner energy through nuclear power, cheaper solar technology, electric vehicles, better batteries, and carbon capture. These are exciting developments for environmentally conscious conservatives, who have long advocated for the GOP to awaken to the dangers of climate change.Additional Republican proposals are in the works, and unlike their spendthrift counterparts on the liberal Left, they take the more responsible and realistic approach of harnessing the power of free markets to influence behavior. Conservatives’ faith in free markets rests on the belief that millions of individuals acting in their own economic self-interest are more efficient (and powerful) at allocating resources to accomplish an objective than bureaucrats in government. And the most targeted and effective free-market policy to incentivize reduced carbon emissions, the primary cause of climate change, is a carbon tax.A carbon tax would drive investment in new technologies and spur innovation both by providing a financial incentive to reduce emissions and by giving markets a steady price signal. A set price per ton for carbon emissions — along with gradual, scheduled increases in the tax rate over time — would establish the market certainty needed to influence long-term decision-making. Investors and businesses could more reliably forecast the payback period and return on investment for clean technologies, projects, and processes. Companies that save on carbon taxes through innovation would soon be able to undercut more carbon-intensive competitors on cost. An intense race to reduce emissions would sweep every corner of the U.S. economy.Carbon taxes also hold the most promise for fostering global cooperation on the issue. If the U.S. simply invests in clean-energy technology to reduce or eliminate reliance on fossil fuels, two things will happen: We will emit less carbon, and the rest of the world will emit more. If we stopped buying fossil fuels, the price of those fuels would fall. China, India, and other developing countries would exploit this cheap-energy bonanza, offsetting our emissions reductions. This “leakage problem” has proven one of the greatest obstacles to forging global climate cooperation.A properly crafted carbon tax would mitigate leakage through “border adjustments” in the form of import tariffs. Carbon-based import tariffs are an essential component of any carbon-tax plan for two reasons. First, tariffs ensure that a carbon tax would not unfairly penalize domestic U.S. industries. Second, the tariffs would be designed to exempt countries with a similar domestic carbon-tax regime. Foreign governments, eager to keep their exports competitive and not minding the extra tax revenue, would be incentivized to enact their own carbon taxes. If America led, the world would follow.Despite the compelling case for a carbon tax, most Republicans still balk at the idea. How could a tax, of all things, promote innovation? But the simple truth is taxes do foster innovation: They encourage tax dodging. The more taxes get enacted, the more intricate and creative the schemes to dodge them become — and the simplest way to dodge a carbon tax is to emit less carbon. In this manner, a carbon tax would spark an explosion of emissions-reducing R&D throughout all sectors and industries.The fight against climate change is a marathon, not a sprint. The policies we craft today must fuel innovation and research for many decades to come. Public investment in clean-energy and carbon-capture technologies is laudable, but it’s not enough on its own to reduce global emissions, because of the “leakage” problem. Carbon taxes have, to be sure, been met with intense political resistance in many places where they’ve been proposed, including the U.S. But they are the most pragmatic solution and — importantly for conservatives — could be designed to be revenue-neutral and thus not result in an expansion of government. If Republicans hope to craft meaningful climate legislation in everyone’s long-term interests, a carbon tax is a necessary first step.

National Popular Vote Movement Tries to Win Over Skeptical Conservatives  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:30

National Popular Vote Movement Tries to Win Over Skeptical ConservativesLast week, Oregon’s Democratic governor, Kate Brown, committed her state to an interstate compact designed to ensure that the national popular vote determines presidential elections. By signing the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), Brown is aligning herself squarely with fellow Democrats who believe that a plurality of voters nationwide should elect the president.Their efforts, while long predating President Trump’s election, gained new urgency in its wake. The Electoral College, many Democrats claimed, subverted the will of the electorate in 2016. After all, 3.5 million more votes were cast for Hillary Clinton than for Trump, yet she was forced to retire to Chappaqua while he moved into the White House.Trump’s victory, and George W. Bush’s similar triumph over Al Gore in 2000, provide ample pretext for Democrats to redouble their efforts on behalf of the NPVIC. But if they are to have any success, they will have to win over conservatives wary of eliminating the Electoral College, either out of political self-interest or principle. Proponents of the NPVIC believe they are uniquely well-suited to meet this challenge because unlike, say, the constitutional amendment proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren, it preserves the College."This is the constitutionally conservative way to ensure that every voter in every state is politically relevant in every presidential election while preserving the Electoral College," the movement’s largest benefactor, John Koza, said in a statement earlier this month after the Oregon House signed on to the NPVIC. The compact is designed to go into effect once states representing more than 270 electoral votes have signed on, and things are moving quickly: Oregon is the third state to join this year, bringing the total committed number of electoral votes to 196.While the NPVIC’s advocates will certainly tailor their message to conservatives when the need arises, the Institute for Research on Presidential Elections (IRPE), the movement’s nonprofit educational arm, stresses in all of its communications that the issue is non-partisan; it’s about fairness, they claim.“We don’t get too bogged down on partisan frames at the Institute for Research on Presidential Elections. Those winds have changed three times in the last decade,” IRPE chairman Patrick Rosensteil tells National Review. "Instead, we focus on educating interested parties on the shortcomings of the current system and the merits of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and/or other potential reforms.”His argument is straightforward: Voters in Iowa, regardless of political affiliation, should not have more political power than their counterparts in New York or California. While they may agree in principle, self-interested Republicans’ usual response is fear that under the NPVIC, mostly Democratic voters in metropolitan areas will replace battleground-state voters as the most politically influential group in presidential elections. Presidential campaigns will inevitably restrict their appeals, and appearances, to highly populous regions, and this will pervert public policy in much the same way that sops to Iowans, such as ethanol subsidies, currently do.Not so, claim the compact’s proponents, who predict that when every vote counts in every election, presidential candidates will campaign everywhere that voters live. While it is impossible to say with any certainty whether this claim would be born out if the compact were passed, the obvious objection is that of limited resources. At present, presidential campaigns have the ability to traverse battleground states because there are, more or less, only twelve such states. Will they spend precious time and resources traveling to North Dakota to appeal to its roughly 700,000 residents when they could flatter more than 2 million potential voters by spending the afternoon in Brooklyn instead?Advocates of the Compact argue that, since only roughly 15 percent of Americans live in the 50 largest cities, candidates will travel to wherever the other 82 percent live. But the vast majority of that 82 percent live in the suburbs of those major cities and, as a result, can be reached through advertising in the same major media markets as city residents. In 2018, 46 million Americans lived in rural counties while 147 million lived in suburbs or small metros — and that number is only going to continue increasing in the coming years, according to the Pew Research Center.Asked about the claim that the national popular vote would lead to a geographically diverse campaign strategy, Republican strategist Luke Thompson suggests that campaigns would concentrate on the suburbs of major cities, where the most persuadable voters reside. “In a national popular vote, you'll make an effort to mobilize your base voters EVERYWHERE, true. But you're still going to concentrate your campaign firepower — television spending and candidate appearances — where the most persuadable voters are,” Thompson says. “That means . . . concentrating on the largest clusters of high- and mid-propensity persuadable voters. Where are those voters? The suburbs of major American cities — New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago. . . .”While the precise consequences of the NPVIC’s implementation remain unknowable, its proponents must deal with the perception problem created by its main funding sources as they try to recruit more state legislatures to the cause. The movement is primarily funded by two wealthy donors: Koza, a former Democratic state legislator who serves as the group’s chairman and continues to donate each year; and Tom Golisano, a pro-life political independent who made a one-time $10 million donation. While the effort primarily relies on a group of wealthy individuals unknown to the public, its institutional donor base comprises only liberal groups, according to an investigation by The Daily Signal and the Capital Research Center.In addition to the perception that its donors are exclusively liberal, the movement now has to contend with the fact that, among prominent national political figures, only Democrats are calling for a national popular vote. In addressing this concern, supporters of the compact will inevitably return to the fact that the Electoral College would still exist under the compact, whose member states can abandon it anytime they see fit. (This is, of course, another potential vulnerability: Capricious state legislatures may leave the compact after watching their state’s electors bring the opposing party to power one too many times.) Saul Anuzis, spokesman for the IRPE, sees this as a strength. Unlike a constitutional amendment, the compact can be dissolved if it has, in Anuzis’s words, “unintended consequences.”But that, of course, is not an argument for joining the NPVIC; it’s just an argument against dissolving the Electoral College entirely.

The California Housing Crisis and the Problem with Local Control  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:30

The California Housing Crisis and the Problem with Local ControlConservatives have long been advocates of local control over policy. They often use the word “subsidiarity,” a concept with origins in Catholic social thought and a simple premise: that problems are best solved by those closest to them.In the United States, this principle is often folded into our tradition of federalism. We conceive of government as acting on three levels: federal, state, and local (cities and towns, mostly). And we consider the smallest of these three tiers to be the best actor when grappling with a specific problem. But what about when problems don’t fit into that neat framework?California is facing just that challenge. Its major cities are caught in an affordability crisis; San Diego, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are all in the top ten nationally for highest median rents. The city that Nancy Pelosi likes to call “the City of Saint Francis” takes the top spot: The average two-bedroom apartment costs $3,930 a month. One likes to think that St. Francis would be less than pleased.In some ways this is the various cities’ own faults. California cities generally have some of the most restrictive zoning laws and labyrinthine permitting processes in the nation. Additionally, anti-gentrification activists rival college protesters in their use of unhinged rhetoric: Representative Scott Weiner’s bill to “upzone” areas near transit hubs for greater development was called “a 21st century Trail of Tears” by one such group.But a large source of the affordability crisis actually lies outside the purview of the city governments. Cities, after all, are not the only places where people live. California cities, especially in the north, exist within a complex ecosystem of smaller cities, suburbs, and towns. San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, for example, all lie within the nine counties of the Bay Area. Los Angeles makes up the heart of the sprawling Southland, bounded by Ventura County, Orange County, and the Inland Empire.These suburbs, from the tract-home vastness of Orange County to the idyllic small towns of Marin, are leaving cities to shoulder the housing crunch alone. While the state sets regional housing targets on eight-year cycles, enforcement is incredibly weak, and many municipalities fall far short of reaching their goals.On top of all of this, suburban communities, having lower density to begin with, resist building housing the most. The somewhat impenetrable process by which regions assign housing targets to municipalities tends to leave larger cities holding the rope; small, wealthy suburban communities often have laughably low targets. Beverly Hills, for example, has to add only three units during the current cycle.For all the press that urban NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) voters get, the suburbs are where NIMBYs have really conquered all before them. Towns with high rates of home ownership have seen meteoric rises in home prices since 2008, and homeowners enthusiastically organize to protect their investments. Small-town politicians live in fear of backlash from angry residents who oppose almost all new housing.The situation is not good: Around halfway through the current cycle, the state is only a quarter of the way toward reaching its targets, many of which were set during the recession and fail to take into account the state’s recent boom. According to a report by Beacon Economics, an independent research group, “certain jurisdictions in California will not meet their low-income housing production targets for more than 1,000 years” at the current rate of development.Which is why the governor, Gavin Newsom, is pushing for drastic steps. For several months, he has been floating the idea of withholding gas-tax funds from cities that do not reach their housing targets. “If you’re not hitting your goals, I don’t know why you get the money,” he said.The backlash immediately erupted. Small-city mayors and representatives criticized the governor for heavy-handedness and for imposing a one-size-fits-all policy on the state. Newsom has partially backed down, pushing his proposal to a 2023 date.These are arguments that conservatives traditionally sympathize with. Local control, an aversion to top-down governance, and clearly delineated areas of authority are important goods. And using the gas tax as a cudgel on a seemingly unrelated issue should rightly raise concerns.But local-control advocates ignore a dimension of government that does not fit neatly into standard American thinking: the regional. When smaller cities in regions such as the Bay Area and the Southland do not build, larger cities are left to pick up the slack.Oakland, for example, is actually on track to meet its 2023 housing targets. But farther north in the Bay, wealthy Marin County has permitted only 442 of the 2,298 homes it’s required to build. One city falling short puts pressure on others, and not only in the form of real-estate prices.This is where the gas tax comes in. One of the most pernicious effects of low-density suburbs lying near cities is the massive increase in traffic congestion. Middle- and lower-income workers who have jobs in the cities are forced to take longer commutes, as buying or renting in closer and more affluent commuter towns is impossible. Bay Area and Los Angeles commuters lose 61 hours a year waiting in traffic, time away from their families and their work.So a coherent rationale for using the gas tax as the proverbial stick does exist. And the state is more than willing to approve a carrot: This year’s budget includes $250 million to help localities plan for housing goals, $500 million for infrastructure that supports low-income housing, and $1 billion of tax credits and loans for affordable and mixed-income housing.The frameworks currently in place do allow for regional variation. After all, targets are set by expected population growth and job-creation numbers, and regional groups decide how to assign housing within themselves. But regional associations are voluntary and comparatively weak; they do not effectively balance between city hall and the statehouse. Oakland and San Jose do not have many levers to pull when Marin sets itself against new development.This is likely to persist. In the long term, regional governance structures would be a welcome development for the state, but their near-term prospects are slim. Pro-housing advocates should take the situation as it is and work with what Newsom is offering, which attempts to thread a needle between empowering local governments and bending to the needs of the entire state.Subsidiarity should be honored by conservatives, but not when it results in a few wealthy towns passing off the housing crisis to poorer ones.

Trump’s Personality Is His Biggest Re-Election Obstacle  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:30

Trump’s Personality Is His Biggest Re-Election Obstacle‘What’s your pitch to the swing voter on the fence?” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked President Trump in an interview that aired Sunday.Questions of this sort are gifts to politicians, but interviewers ask them for a couple of reasons. One, they’re civic-minded. Politicians deserve the opportunity to make their cases straightforwardly — and voters deserve to hear them. Second, they save time. If you give your subject a free shot to get the talking points out of the way, you can move on to the more interesting stuff.Trump’s initial answer started off following the standard script. He got four words off that must have had his political advisers cheering: “Safety, security, great economy.”Ideally, this is where Trump should have stopped talking.But the president kept going, boasting that he won 52 percent of the women’s vote in 2016. He didn’t. That was the white women’s vote; he got 41 percent of women overall, according to exit polls. Then, Trump talked about how the economy would help him with minorities.“So,” Stephanopoulos asked, “that’s the pitch?”Trump briefly got back on message. “No, I have no pitch,” he said. “You know what I have? The economy is phenomenal. We’ve rebuilt our military. We’re taking care of our vets. We’re doing the best job that anybody’s done probably as a first-term president.”This was another good place to stop. But he was only getting warmed up: “I have a phony witch hunt, which is just a phony pile of stuff. Mueller comes out. There’s no collusion. And essentially a ruling that no obstruction.”And then Trump was off to the races, fighting with Stephanopoulos about what the Mueller report did or didn’t say. The facts weren’t on Trump’s side, as virtually every news outlet was eager to trumpet.But politically, that’s not the important part. Impeachment is catnip to the mainstream media and Democrats. Whether Trump was “set up” by the deep state and their “dirty” dossier is catnip to Republicans and right-wing media. But it seems a fair bet that the swing voters Stephanopoulos asked about aren’t intoxicated by either topic.And that’s the problem for Trump. When you talk to people who think Trump will be re-elected, they point to conventional rules about how a good economy makes voters want to stay the course. That’s superficially plausible, but it leaves out the single most important fact of the political landscape: Trump’s personality.A good economy doesn’t necessarily speak for itself. Normal presidents stay on message to deny the press the ability to talk about more interesting stuff. The only talking point Trump can be counted on to stick to is himself. Hence, his claim to Stephanopoulos that no one has been treated worse than him.Trump doesn’t want the election to be about the economy, he wants it — and everything else — to be about him. His exchange with Stephanopoulos was an analogue of every Trump rally. He runs through the talking points about the economy or conservative judges as quickly as possible so he can get to the really important topic: Donald Trump.The problem for Trump is that if the central question of the election is him, he will lose because he is not popular.The Trump campaign’s internal polling, which was leaked last week, showed him trailing Joe Biden in several must-win states by wide margins. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager, said the polls were irrelevant because it was “ancient” data from last March, taken before he was “exonerated” by the Mueller report. But Trump’s post–Mueller-report approval ratings haven’t improved. Trump’s sub–50 percent approval rating has had the least variation of any president since World War II. Most people have made up their minds about him, and most of them don’t like him.The campaign responded by saying it had fresh data showing solid support from “informed voters.” Parscale told ABC News that since March, “We have seen huge swings in the president’s favor across the 17 states we have polled, based on the policies now espoused by the Democrats.”The key words there are “informed voters.” According to the New York Times, the polls Parscale described were “informed ballot” polls that described Democrats in negative ways before asking about support for Trump.The common wisdom among pollsters is that if you’re citing informed-ballot polls, you’re losing. But even taken at face value, the meaning of these polls is that some voters could be persuaded to vote for Trump if they could be convinced they were voting on issues rather than Trump. For that to work, Trump would have to stop acting like Trump and make the message about something other than him. That’s a tall order.© 2019 TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY LLC

Poll: What do Democrats want to hear about at the debates? (Hint: It's not Trump.)  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:30

Poll: What do Democrats want to hear about at the debates? (Hint: It's not Trump.)Poll: Democratic voters are eager to hear from candidates on issues from health care to education. They don't want to spend debate time on Trump.

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3 Stocks That Could Help You Send Your Kids to CollegePicking the right stocks to help fund college tuition can be challenging, but these three intriguing stocks might be the way to go.

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These Are the Top CEOs (According to Employees)The top performers have at least a 99% approval rate.

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A Closer Look At PICO Holdings, Inc.'s (NASDAQ:PICO) Uninspiring ROEWhile some investors are already well versed in financial metrics (hat tip), this article is for those who would like...

Iraq Rocket Explodes Near Exxon Oil Field Workers' Camp  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:27

Iraq Rocket Explodes Near Exxon Oil Field Workers' Camp(Bloomberg) -- A rocket attack near an Exxon Mobil Corp. workers’ camp in southern Iraq had no effect on oil fields or exports, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.It wasn’t immediately clear whether Exxon’s operations were the target, the person said, asking not to be identified for lack of authority to speak with news media. The incident in Basra province injured three workers at an Iraqi drilling company, according to a government security bureau. Exxon evacuated 20 foreign employees, Sky News Arabia reported earlier, citing unidentified local officials.Attacks on energy facilities, including a Saudi Arabian pipeline and several oil tankers, as well as a U.S. military buildup are stoking fears that the Middle East may be heading toward another conflict. The U.S. ordered its non-emergency government staff to leave Iraq last month amid increasing regional tensions that American officials blame on Iran.While oil prices spiked immediately after the June 13 attacks on two tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, crude is down over the past month on concerns over waning demand. Brent crude in London pared losses earlier in the day before dipping 0.4% lower to $61.88 a barrel as of 2:25 p.m. Dubai time. “A quite considerable ratcheting of tensions will be required to drive prices higher,” according to BloombergNEF.Iraq’s Deputy Oil Minister Fayyad Al-Nima said the rocket wounded Iraqi workers and targeted a local company, not a foreign one. The government still hasn’t determined who is responsible for the attack. “God willing these events won’t be repeated,” Al-Nima told reporters in Baghdad.U.S. WarningThe U.S. sent a warning to Iran through Swiss and Iraqi intermediaries against engaging American forces, General Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Tuesday in Washington. “We’ve used them all to say ‘hands-off, don’t come after our forces,’” Selva said.Exxon pulled about 80 people from Iraq last month, raising the ire of Iraq’s oil minister who said the decision was “unacceptable and unwarranted” because it had nothing to do with the security situation in the south of the country. The company returned some of its workers on May 31 after boosting security at the site.An Exxon spokesman in Singapore wasn’t immediately able to comment. Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Co. didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.Iraq, which has enjoyed relative calm after the Islamic State insurgency receded there in 2017, has suffered a spate of low-level attacks in recent weeks. A shell exploded near the U.S. embassy in May. Rockets on Tuesday hit an official compound in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and the Taji Military camp near Baghdad, both of which house American military advisers, according to local press reports.Exxon operates the West Qurna-1 oil field in Basra, which pumps between 450,000 and 480,000 barrels a day. The region is responsible for the bulk of Iraq’s crude output.Royal Dutch Shell Plc, which has operations near Exxon, said in a statement that it wasn’t “subject to the attack” and its output hasn’t been interrupted.(Updates with Iraq’s deputy oil minister’s comments in fifth paragraph.)\--With assistance from Dan Murtaugh and Abbas Al Lawati.To contact the reporters on this story: Khalid Al-Ansary in Baghdad at kalansary@bloomberg.net;Kadhim Ajrash in Baghdad at kajrash@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Alaa Shahine at asalha@bloomberg.net, ;Nayla Razzouk at nrazzouk2@bloomberg.net, Mohammed Aly Sergie, Bruce StanleyFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

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Can We See Significant Institutional Ownership On The Novelion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:NVLN) Share Register?The big shareholder groups in Novelion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:NVLN) have power over the company. Generally...

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Volatility 101: Should Parsley Energy (NYSE:PE) Shares Have Dropped 36%?Passive investing in an index fund is a good way to ensure your own returns roughly match the overall market. Active...

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Is Oxford Immunotec Global PLC's (NASDAQ:OXFD) CEO Pay Justified?In 2002 Peter Wrighton-Smith was appointed CEO of Oxford Immunotec Global PLC (NASDAQ:OXFD). This report will, first...

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Do Directors Own Macarthur Minerals Limited (CVE:MMS) Shares?Every investor in Macarthur Minerals Limited (CVE:MMS) should be aware of the most powerful shareholder groups...

Japan rejects Korean fund plan to compensate forced wartime labor  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:15

Japan rejects Korean fund plan to compensate forced wartime laborSouth Korea said on Wednesday it had proposed a joint fund with Japan to compensate South Koreans forced to work by Japanese companies during World War Two, but Japan rejected the idea out of hand. South Korea and Japan share a bitter history that includes the 1910-45 Japanese colonization of the Korean peninsula, the forced mobilization of labor at Japanese companies and the use of comfort women, Japan's euphemism for girls and women, many of them Korean, forced to work in its wartime brothels.

China's Geely selects Swedish software firm as driverless car supplier  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:14

China's Geely selects Swedish software firm as driverless car supplierChina's Geely has picked Zenuity, a joint venture between its Volvo car marque and Swedish technology group Veoneer, as its preferred supplier for assisted and self driving software. Regulatory and technological challenges as well as soaring development costs mean carmakers have delayed forecasts for the mass adoption of self-driving cars and the Geely deal is a welcome boost for Zenuity. It said on Wednesday that the deal would encompass Geely's range of car brands, which include Geely Auto, performance brand Polestar, subscription-based electric carmaker Lynk & Co and British sports car maker Lotus.

China's Geely selects Swedish software firm as driverless car supplier  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:14

China's Geely selects Swedish software firm as driverless car supplierChina's Geely has picked Zenuity, a joint venture between its Volvo car marque and Swedish technology group Veoneer, as its preferred supplier for assisted and self driving software. Regulatory and technological challenges as well as soaring development costs mean carmakers have delayed forecasts for the mass adoption of self-driving cars and the Geely deal is a welcome boost for Zenuity. It said on Wednesday that the deal would encompass Geely's range of car brands, which include Geely Auto, performance brand Polestar, subscription-based electric carmaker Lynk & Co and British sports car maker Lotus.

Why Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE:GNE) Could Be Worth Watching  » 
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Why Genie Energy Ltd. (NYSE:GNE) Could Be Worth WatchingGenie Energy Ltd. (NYSE:GNE), which is in the electric utilities business, and is based in United States, received a...

Factbox: Clash between Trump, U.S. House Democrats shifts into courts  » 
19 Jun 2019, 10:13

Factbox: Clash between Trump, U.S. House Democrats shifts into courtsTrump and most of his fellow Republicans dismiss the Democrats' inquiries as grandstanding or political harassment. The Democrats, who control the House of Representatives, say the investigations are needed to hold to account a president who scorns respect for the law and governing norms. In most of the disputes, Trump and his advisers run the legal risk of contempt of Congress citations and court enforcement actions that could result in fines.

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Introducing Franklin Financial Network (NYSE:FSB), The Stock That Dropped 30% In The Last YearThe simplest way to benefit from a rising market is to buy an index fund. Active investors aim to buy stocks that...

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Apple Is Reportedly Asking Suppliers to Shift at Least 15% of Output from ChinaApple Is Reportedly Asking Suppliers to Shift at Least 15% of Output from China

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No Retirement Savings? Here’s How to Salvage Your Golden YearsIt's not a great situation -- but it's at least somewhat fixable.

Hope Hicks to become first former Trump administration official to testify at Congress about Mueller report  » 
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Hope Hicks to become first former Trump administration official to testify at Congress about Mueller reportHope Hicks, President Donald Trump's former spokeswoman, to be first former administration official in Robert Mueller's report to testify at Congress

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Is There An Opportunity With Fox Corporation's (NASDAQ:FOXA) 42% Undervaluation?How far off is Fox Corporation (NASDAQ:FOXA) from its intrinsic value? Using the most recent financial data, we'll...

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U.S. House panel to quiz ex-Trump aide Hicks, White House asserts immunityHope Hicks, once a close aide to U.S. President Donald Trump, is due to face questions in Congress on Wednesday on six instances in which Democrats believe Trump may have broken the law during the 2016 election campaign and while in the White House. The White House has asserted immunity over any testimony by Hicks involving her 14 months at the White House, according to a knowledgeable source.

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Is There An Opportunity With Telaria, Inc.'s (NYSE:TLRA) 45% Undervaluation?Today we'll do a simple run through of a valuation method used to estimate the attractiveness of Telaria, Inc...

UK inflation fall eases prospect of imminent rate hike  » 
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UK inflation fall eases prospect of imminent rate hikeInflation in Britain dipped in May as transport costs returned to normal following an Easter-related boost, official figures showed Wednesday, likely easing the pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates this summer. The Office for National Statistics said Wednesday that consumer prices were up 2% in the year to May, compared with 2.1% the previous month. It highlighted a sharp decline in transport-related inflation.

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These Are the 8 Best Beaches to Visit this Summer, Based on Activities, Hotel Costs, and AirfareDid your favorite make the cut?

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How, where to get free food – doughnuts, tacos and more – and discountsKrispy Kreme has announced a new Original Filled doughnut and a way to try it for free Saturday as part of its National Donut Day challenge.

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Slack IPO: The Stock Market Is Rolling Out Its Welcome Mat Over Recent, Successful Tech ListingsSlack IPO: The Stock Market Is Rolling Out Its Welcome Mat Over Recent, Successful Tech Listings

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Should I Pay Off My Credit Cards or Student Loans?You might think the answer is obvious, but it's more complicated than it seems.

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Money 2.0 Stuff:  $LITFacebookshi Nakatomo I am suffering from Facebook Fatigue Syndrome, as, I assume, are you. But I am also conscious that Mark Zuckerburg, an avid reader of this column I hear, would be disappointed if I did not take the opportunity to share a few opinions on the Libra launch, and I really do not wish […]The post Money 2.0 Stuff: $LIT appeared first on The Block.

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Here's Why We Think Zoetis (NYSE:ZTS) Is Well Worth WatchingLike a puppy chasing its tail, some new investors often chase 'the next big thing', even if that means buying 'story...

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Some Paramount Resources (TSE:POU) Shareholders Have Taken A Painful 90% Share Price DropWe're definitely into long term investing, but some companies are simply bad investments over any time frame. We...

Apple Wants Suppliers to Mull Major Shift From China: Nikkei  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:55

Apple Wants Suppliers to Mull Major Shift From China: Nikkei(Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. has asked its largest suppliers to consider the costs of shifting 15% to 30% of its output from China to Southeast Asia in a dramatic shake-up of its production chain, the Nikkei reported.The U.S. tech giant asked “major suppliers” to evaluate the feasibility of such a migration, the newspaper cited multiple sources as saying. Those included iPhone assemblers Foxconn Technology Group, Pegatron Corp. and Wistron Corp., MacBook maker Quanta Computer Inc., iPad maker Compal Electronics Inc. and AirPod makers Inventec Corp., Luxshare-ICT and GoerTek Inc., Nikkei cited them as saying.China is a crucial cog in Apple’s business, the origin of most of its iPhones and iPads as well as its largest international market. But President Donald Trump has threatened Beijing with new tariffs on about $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, an act that would escalate tensions while levying a punitive tax on Apple’s most profitable product. Company spokeswoman Wei Gu didn’t respond to a request for comment.Two major Apple suppliers pushed back against the Nikkei report. The U.S. company has not asked for cost estimates for shifting production out of the world’s No. 2 economy, although suppliers are running the numbers on their own given the trade dispute, said one person familiar with the matter, asking not to be identified discussing internal deliberations. Another supplier said it too had not gotten such a request from Apple and that the Cupertino, California-based company had resisted a proposed production shift to Southeast Asia.Apple does have a backup plan if the U.S.-China trade war gets out of hand: Primary manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has said it has enough capacity to make all U.S.-bound iPhones outside of China if necessary, Bloomberg News reported last week.The Taiwanese contract manufacturer now makes most of the smartphones in the Chinese mainland and is the country’s largest private employer. Hon Hai, known also as Foxconn, has said Apple has not given instructions to move production but it is capable of moving lines elsewhere according to customers’ needs.Apple hasn’t set a deadline for the suppliers to finalize their business proposals, but is working together with them to consider alternative locations, the Nikkei said. Any move would be a long-term process, it cited its sources as saying.Beyond Apple’s partners, the army of Taiwanese companies that make most of the world’s electronics are reconsidering a reliance on the world’s second-largest economy as Washington-Beijing tensions simmer and massive tariffs threaten to wipe out their margins. That in turn is threatening a well-oiled, decades-old supply chain.Taiwan’s largest corporations form a crucial link in the global tech industry, assembling devices from sprawling Chinese production bases that the likes of HP Inc. and Dell then slap their labels on. That may start to change if tariffs escalate, an outcome now in the balance as Washington and Beijing spar over a trade deal.Apple is an outsized figure in that negotiation. The high-end iPhone, which accounted for more than 60% of the company’s 2018 revenue, drives millions of jobs across China as well as a plethora of different industries from retail to electronics. The country is also a major consumer market in its own right, yielding nearly 20% of last year’s revenue -- weakness there pushed Apple to cut its sales forecast in January.“Twenty-five percent of our production capacity is outside of China and we can help Apple respond to its needs in the U.S. market,” Hon Hai board nominee and semiconductor division chief Young Liu told an investor briefing in Taipei last week. “We have enough capacity to meet Apple’s demand.”(Updates with a source’s comments from the second parapraph.)To contact the reporter on this story: Debby Wu in Taipei at dwu278@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Peter Elstrom at pelstrom@bloomberg.net, Edwin ChanFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

RATIONAL Aktiengesellschaft (ETR:RAA) Is Yielding 1.6% - But Is It A Buy?  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:48

RATIONAL Aktiengesellschaft (ETR:RAA) Is Yielding 1.6% - But Is It A Buy?Could RATIONAL Aktiengesellschaft (ETR:RAA) be an attractive dividend share to own for the long haul? Investors are...

Do Institutions Own Inmobiliaria Park Rose Iberoamericana SOCIMI, S.A. (BME:YPARK) Shares?  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:47

Do Institutions Own Inmobiliaria Park Rose Iberoamericana SOCIMI, S.A. (BME:YPARK) Shares?A look at the shareholders of Inmobiliaria Park Rose Iberoamericana SOCIMI, S.A. (BME:YPARK) can tell us which group...

The Biggest Winner From a Rise in Precious Metals  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:44

The Biggest Winner From a Rise in Precious Metals(Bloomberg) -- The world’s best-performing precious-metals stock is up almost 90% this year, and there are signs the rally could run even further.Impala Platinum Holdings Ltd. has outpaced 87 global peers with a market value of at least $1 billion in 2019, data compiled by Bloomberg show. The South African miner has benefited from surging palladium and rhodium prices, along with any weakness in the local currency, which bolsters its income from sales of dollar-based metals.“The rally in palladium has been a big contributor,” coupled with a weaker rand, said Henre Herselman, a derivatives trader at Johannesburg-based Anchor Private Clients. Palladium, up 60% since August, makes a 30% contribution to Impala’s earnings, he said. The rand has dropped 5.4% against the dollar in 12 months.“Impala’s profit margins were very thin compared to those of most other producers, so they were much more sensitive to the recovery in the platinum-group metals basket price,’’ said Izak van Niekerk, a money manager at Mergence Investment Managers in Cape Town. “Due to this sensitivity, the upward move in rhodium and palladium prices has benefited Impala’s share price more than higher-margin producers.”Even after this year’s rally, at least one technical indicator suggests Impala Platinum may have further to climb. The stock’s 50-day moving average is about to break above the 200-day measure, a potentially bullish signal.Valuation measures also show scope for more gains: Impala trades at 8.8 times its estimated 12-month earnings, compared with 11 times for an index of South African platinum producers and more than 10 times for Johannesburg’s mining stocks gauge.Palladium may edge higher too. Morgan Stanley strategists see prices averaging $1,575 an ounce in the second half of 2019, compared with $1,494 an ounce on Wednesday, according to a June 12 note. Morgan Stanley sees rhodium at $3,050, down from $3,390 an ounce.Impala does face headwinds. The biggest union in South Africa’s platinum industry has demanded wage increases of as much as 48% from the company and fellow producers such as Anglo American Platinum Ltd. and Sibanye Gold Ltd., which could drive up costs at the mines they operate in the country’s “platinum belt” concentrated around Rustenburg, northwest of Johannesburg.And there are signs that the gains in the miner known as Implats may be excessive. Its 14-day relative strength index has climbed above 70, a level that suggests to some technical analysts that the rally may be overdone for now. Impala was 1.9% lower at 68.02 rand as of 11:41 a.m. in Johannesburg on Wednesday.Analysts’ projections of where Impala’s shares are heading differ widely, data compiled by Bloomberg show. There are six buys, two holds and two sell recommendations on the world’s second-largest platinum producer, with target prices ranging from as low as 18.50 rand at JPMorgan to 141 rand at Noah Capital Markets Ltd. “Implats has a little further to rally, but most of the running has been done,’’ said Rene Hochreiter, an analyst at Noah Capital, who has a buy recommendation on the stock. “My concern is that costs remain stubbornly high at Impala Rustenburg and any deterioration of the efficiency of that operation will negatively impact the overall Implats performance, as Impala Rustenburg affects Implats’s bottom line the most of all.”(Updates prices throughout.)\--With assistance from Dana El Baltaji and Elena Mazneva.To contact the reporter on this story: Adelaide Changole in Nairobi at achangole2@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Blaise Robinson at brobinson58@bloomberg.net, John Viljoen, Paul JarvisFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

If You Had Bought Mercal Inmuebles Socimi (BME:YMEI) Stock Three Years Ago, You'd Be Sitting On A 15% Loss, Today  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:44

If You Had Bought Mercal Inmuebles Socimi (BME:YMEI) Stock Three Years Ago, You'd Be Sitting On A 15% Loss, TodayIn order to justify the effort of selecting individual stocks, it's worth striving to beat the returns from a market...

Reforms and transparency needed for Belt and Road success: World Bank  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:42

Reforms and transparency needed for Belt and Road success: World BankChina's global Belt and Road Initiative could boost economies and reduce poverty rates in dozens of developing countries, but risks environmental damage, debt and corruption if improvements aren't made, the World Bank said Wednesday. President Xi Jinping's signature foreign policy aims to reinvent the ancient Silk Road to connect Asia to Europe and Africa through massive investments in maritime, road and rail projects -- with hundreds of billions of dollars in financing from Chinese banks. Critics, however, say the six-year-old BRI is a plan to boost Beijing's global influence, riddled with opaque deals favouring Chinese companies, and will saddle nations with debt and environmental damage.

What's the future for cash? Target register outages prove physical loot still has its place  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:30

What's the future for cash? Target register outages prove physical loot still has its placeIs cash on borrowed time? The outages at Target stores remind us that nothing beats cash when technology fails.

Falling Air Fares, Car Prices Pull U.K. Inflation Down  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:26

Falling Air Fares, Car Prices Pull U.K. Inflation Down(Bloomberg) -- Cheaper air travel and car prices pulled down U.K. inflation to the Bank of England’s target level last month.While the slowdown to 2% from 2.1% partly reflects the unwinding of Easter timing effects, economists see the downward trend continuing. Core inflation also slowed -- to the weakest in more than two years -- and factory output-price growth weakened.The figures come a day before the BOE’s latest policy decision. As many central banks around the world shift into a more dovish mode, U.K. officials have been trying to push in the other direction, repeating a message that interest rates may have to rise more than the market currently anticipates if there’s a smooth Brexit.Investors haven’t taken much heed given the continuing uncertainty over Britain’s exit from the European Union. Certainly in the short term, the latest inflation figures give policy makers breathing space to wait and keep interest rates on hold.The BOE expects inflation to fall back below target this year. In May, it forecast that price growth would average 2.1% this quarter, easing to about 1.6% by late 2019.What Bloomberg’s Economists Say...“Looking beyond today’s release, inflation looks set to stay below the BOE’s 2% target until the end of the year. Domestic cost pressures are building, but are still short of the levels needed to return inflation to target sustainably.”\--Dan HansonClick here to read the REACTOther figures Wednesday showed pipeline pressures remained subdued, with producer input prices rising just 1.3% from a year earlier, the weakest reading in three years. Cheaper oil drove the slowdown. Output prices gained 1.8%, also the least since 2016.In the consumer-prices report, air fares, which surged in an Easter-related boost in April, fell 5.2% in May compared with a 10% increase a year earlier. Vehicle prices declined 0.3%, and there was also downward pressure from the cost of auto fuel, which rose less than it did in 2018.Upward pressures came from rising prices for games, toys, hobbies, furniture and accommodation.Inflation in the services sector, seen as a proxy for domestically generated inflation, slowed to 2.6% in May from 2.9% in April, while goods-price inflation edged up to 1.5%.For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

What You Should Know About Compagnie Financière de Neufcour S.A.'s (EBR:NEU) Financial Strength  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:26

What You Should Know About Compagnie Financière de Neufcour S.A.'s (EBR:NEU) Financial StrengthWhile small-cap stocks, such as Compagnie Financière de Neufcour S.A. (EBR:NEU) with its market cap of €4.6m, are...

Shell says staff in Iraq safe, operations are normal after rocket attack  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:24

Shell says staff in Iraq safe, operations are normal after rocket attackRoyal Dutch Shell said on Wednesday that all its staff in Iraq are accounted for and its operations in the country are normal, after a rocket struck the site of headquarters of several foreign oil firms near Iraq's southern city of Basra. "We remain vigilant and continue to monitor the security situation and liaise with local authorities," said a Shell spokesman in a statement to Reuters. The rocket hit the site of the residential and operations headquarters of several global major oil companies, including U.S. giant ExxonMobil, early on Wednesday, wounding three people, Iraq's military said.

How Much is Sterling Tools Limited's (NSE:STERTOOLS) CEO Getting Paid?  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:21

How Much is Sterling Tools Limited's (NSE:STERTOOLS) CEO Getting Paid?Anil Aggarwal is the CEO of Sterling Tools Limited (NSE:STERTOOLS). This report will, first, examine the CEO...

All You Need To Know About Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ)'s (STO:SCA B) Financial Health  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:18

All You Need To Know About Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA (publ)'s (STO:SCA B) Financial HealthSmall-caps and large-caps are wildly popular among investors; however, mid-cap stocks, such as Svenska Cellulosa...

Did You Miss S.A.L. Steel's (NSE:SALSTEEL) 65% Share Price Gain?  » 
19 Jun 2019, 9:14

Did You Miss S.A.L. Steel's (NSE:SALSTEEL) 65% Share Price Gain?While S.A.L. Steel Limited (NSE:SALSTEEL) shareholders are probably generally happy, the stock hasn't had particularly...


7 tax scams to watch out for this year  » 
7 Apr 2019, 12:00

7 tax scams to watch out for this yearIn case wringing your hands over the tax man weren’t enough, criminals are out there trying to swipe your hard-earned cash and personal information from right under your nose.

Avowed Apple Fan Jeb Bush Realizes His Apple Watch Can Take Phone Calls  » 
13 Jan 2016, 23:22

Avowed Apple Fan Jeb Bush Realizes His Apple Watch Can Take Phone CallsJeb Bush's love of Apple products has been widely documented, and the Republican presidential candidate continues to wear his Apple Watch on the campaign trail. Yesterday, in a meeting with The Des Moines Register editorial board documented by USA Today, Bush stumbled upon a feature he didn’t realize his smartwatch was capable of: taking phone calls. Somehow Bush managed to take a call without picking up his iPhone, and the sound of a person’s voice saying hello breaks through the meeting noise, to which Bush responds, “My watch can’t be talking.”

Social media welcomes Pope Francis to the United States  » 
22 Sep 2015, 23:29

Social media welcomes Pope Francis to the United StatesPope Francis gets the social media treatment upon arriving in the U.S. Tuesday. As Pope Francis’s flight touched down in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Twitter unveiled a new batch of emojis created for the highly anticipated papal visit. Until his departure from the United States on Sunday, Twitter users chronicling the Catholic leader’s East Coast journey will be able to include a cartoon image of the Pope’s face in front of the American flag on all Pope-related tweets by using the hashtag #PopeinUS.

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